Контроллер SM32

Voltage: 16-75V DC
Current: <150mA maximum
Display: 5 line x 16 character   multi-lingual alpha numeric display.
Communications: Serial: 1x USB port on front   panel for local PC interface.
1x RS232 port, rear mounted for remote serial/modem communications.
Relay: 3x alarm and control relays, two of which can be mapped for   customized alarm settings. (extra available with I/O expansion board) TCP/IP:   Ethernet interface for communication using SNMP protocol and internal web   based configurator, LVD: 3x standard or 2x pulse control LVD contacts.   (for  (for magnetically latched LVD contactors)
Indicators: 3x LED's Green - power   on/monitor OK. Yellow - non urgent alarm. Red - urgent alarm. Audible: 90dBA   buzzer mappable to user defined conditions.
Controls: 3x push buttons for parameter   setting or viewing on front panel.
Signal   Inputs: Serial bus for rectifier control   and interface to peripheral modules. Fuse fail. 5x spare digital inputs. 2x   temperature sensors. 3x current shunts. 2x DC voltage inputs.
Alarms: 3x alarm relays.
Alarm   Contacts: 0.3A 100V volts free changeover   contacts.
Default   Alarm Map: Urgent. Non-urgent. Monitor   fail.
Dimensions   W, H, D: 111.5mm , 44mm (1U), 282mm   overall (rack depth 260mm)
Weight: 1.5kg
Connections: Relay outputs, mini combicon to   accept 1.5mm csa wire. Serial communications to rectifier shelf &   peripheral devices - RJ45. USB port - USB mini B.
Operating   Temperature: -25 to +55°C
Radiated   Emissions: EN55022
RF   Susceptibility: EN55024
Other: GOST-R  & RoHS compliant