Гибридные решения


Minimise the dependency on conventional fuels today by maximising your generator’s efficiency, thereby significantly reducing associated CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning cooperative action. Synergy  is created when two or more agents work in concert together to create an outcome that is greater and of more value than the sum of their individual. The concept of synergism is central to Enatel’s Smart Integrated Energy approach.

 Enatel’s hybrid SYNERGi solution operates as an integral site component responsible for ensuring all high efficiency power conversions, advanced site control and energy management. Inter-operability allows using SYNERGi with any combination of power source: Utility, Generator, Solar, Wind and Fuel Cell.

 Minimise the dependency on conventional fuels today and minimise your generator’s operation, thereby significantly reducing associated life cycle costs. No lengthy and expensive visits as other companies engineer site specific systems. SYNERGi includes a unique innovation (Patent App. NZ588536) which best ensures an easier, efficient and effective deployment.
 The SYNERGi enabled solution dynamically maximises any generator output (MPPT). Additionally, an integrated PowerShare function allows seamless implementation and logic based utilisation of existing legacy plant.

 SYNERGi offers unparalleled flexibility, reliability, OPEX and security benefits. It makes the migration to alternative energy smart and simple, whilst optimizing existing network infrastructure.