Система Ultra Compact System 2U (3-6кВт, 110В)

AC   Input: Single phase 90 - 300V AC
2 phase option available on request
AC   Current: 38A max (refer to RM30110   brochure for full details)
Frequency   Range: 45-66Hz
Power   Factor: >0.99 (full load)
Efficiency: >92% (>45% output power)
Termination: Single phase, 16mm2 L, N, E tunnel terminals at rear.
2 phase16mm2  L1, L2, N, E tunnel   terminals at rear.
Nominal   Voltage: 121.5V ( 110 - 160 VDC
Rated   System Output Power: 6.0kW max @ 121.5V DC (50A)
Polarity: +60V / -60V
DC   Distribution Load: 1x 63A 2 pole load MCB (breaks   +ve & -ve)
DC   Distribution Battery: 1x 63A 2 pole battery MCB   (breaks +ve & -ve)
Breaker   Fail Detection: Auxiliaries on both load and   battery breakers.
Earth Leakage; Configurable via software, factory set at 25mA
DC   Terminals Load: 35mm tunnel terminals at rear.
DC   Terminals Battery:
Low   Voltage Disconnect:
Width: 482.6mm (standard 19" module)
Height: 89mm (1U, 3.5")
Depth: 415mm (16.3")
Weight: 9kg (excluding rectifier   modules)
Monitoring   & Control: Various monitoring options are   available via the Enatel SM30. Standard features include full temperature   compensation, automated and manual battery testing/equalisation and three   voltage-free relay alarm outputs. Options include extension I/O PCBs that give   an extra  6x digital inputs, 6x   analogue inputs and 8x voltage-free relay outputs. For further details, refer   to the SM30 series of brochures.
Alarm   Terminals:

PSC06021130-000 2U HV Ultra Compact Power System including standard SM33 supervisory module
PSC06021140-000 2U HV Ultra Compact Power System including standard SM34 supervisory module
PSC06021141-000 2U HV Ultra Compact Power System including standard SM34 supervisory module and I/O card"